There will be spelling classes after the revolution

Seventy-nine people died in the flames at Grenfell. What’s the story the Daily Mail wants to bring about this and the outrage the fires caused? Haha, look, poor people can’t spell.

“Let’s hope there will be spelling classes after the revolution” they write alongside pictures of protest signs with spelling mistakes.

But that really begs another question. Shouldn’t there be spelling classes right now? Shouldn’t education be for everyone? Shouldn’t we have to wait for poor people getting access to a skill so essential as reading and writing comprehensibly?

So yes, there will be spelling classes after the revolution. Because it will give people what capitalism doesn’t: free education for all.

When the Daily Mail and the people it represents point a finger at these angry and poor people, four fingers point right back at them. Because it is their social order and their anti-welfare policies that are to blame if people don’t know how to spell. Just as they are to blame for it when those very same people can’t afford proper housing, when they are forced to live in conditions so unsafe that they caused the death of seventy-nine people.

People are angry and rightfully so. But, dear Daily Mail, if you even deny them the expression of their anger, what do you think that makes them?

Even angrier. And rightfully so.

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